Brak produktów.


Empowering home builders to improve efficiency and develop outstanding buildings.

Houses and apartments that customers appreciate for their quality, durability and energy efficiency.

Hotels and offices developed faster to strengthen the investment process.

MABUDO work with builders and developers to deliver high quality product for home owners and tenants.

MABUDO works with builders, developers and sell homes to the end buyers. Our favourite client category are small and medium size building and real estate development companies. By letting them rely on the proven processes and fast delivery product they are able to excel and scale up their businesses. But the ultimate winner is our end customer, receiving the safe and energy efficient home on time and at high quality.

Builders’ benefits:

  • we focus on delivering structures; this gives builders time to focus on their building trade skills, resulting in a more precise and reliable service 
  • construction times are greatly reduced enabling cost reductions
  • we set a price and this is what the investor pays
  • manufacturing in factory conditions guarantees less deficiencies thus reducing the cost and inconvenience of post construction snagging 
  • off-site production reduces wastage and on-site labor, leading to more efficient sites with better health and safety regulation 
  • we allow small and medium size developers to use our well-established brand, enhancing their credibility to the ultimate buyer
  • the speed and simplicity of construction is far less disruptive for neighbors 
  • MABUDO is a sustainable and eco-friendly provider 


End customer’s benefits:

  • the structures are very strong and resilient against inclement weather, fire, etc. 
  • high performance in both thermal and acoustic insulation reduces energy costs and provides a better environment to live in. 
  • low maintenance and lifecycle costs especially in adverse conditions e.g. coastal locations
  • better quality - precision engineering using the best quality products will always deliver a better and more consistent product.

Traditional home building process

  • Design and engineering
  • Permits and approvals
  • Onsite prep and foundation
  • Onsite building

Construction with   Zasób 1

  • Choose your home from MABUDO collection
  • Permits and approvals
  • Onsite prep and  foundation

    Offsite home production
  • Onsite home’s assembly
MABUDO RAPID® SYSTEM saves time, increases quality, builds safer and more sustainably.

For over 30 years we have been a pioneer in the production of buildings that have precision-finished elements, to be founds on the most demanding of European markets. Once we became a member of URBA Group, we gained the support of a team of architects from the URBA ARCHITECTS office. The team creates aesthetically distinctive, durable and modern constructions that meet the current challenges of energy efficiency, environmental requirements and functionality. 


From the beginning, the size of our construction workers team is a few times smaller than those involved in the traditional means. This is all thanks to the fact that the construction site "moves" to our production plant.

The environment

We ensure that the amount of waste up to the completion of construction is kept to an absolute minimum - saving timber, styrofoam, packaging, etc. of up to 80% is another measurable plus of the MABUDO Rapid® system.

Oferta elementów gotowych MABUDO RAPID SYSTEM ® dla Twojej firmy:

Kup projekt domu z katalogu MABUDO za POŁOWĘ ceny! Odbierz atrakcyjny rabat na wybrane domy z naszego najnowszego katalogu domów typowych. Promocja obowiązuje w dniach 21-23.02.2020.
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