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Are you planning an investment?
MABUDO RAPID® should fit you perfectly.

MABUDO Rapid® system = offsite technology + design, delivery of customer service processes

MABUDO Rapid® system brings efficiency by merging innovative processes with offsite technology.

MABUDO Rapid ® is a fast track construction system suited to multi story residential projects such as apartment buildings, student accommodation, hotels, offices and, last but not least, homes.

The first step of the process in the MABUDO Rapid ® system is when architect, offsite manufacturer and builder start working together as a one team to design the building. The design process is optimised for the factory produced elements; this approach eliminates later errors and maximises the speed of construction. 

The second step is the actual production of the designed elements. MABUDO Technology main component is structural load bearing wall, that comes in two versions:

  • MABUDO Robust® sandwich type panel wall, combines 3 leaf panels with the two external leaves made of reinforced concrete with the middle leaf being a layer of insulation. The product used for larger multifamily buildings.

  • MABUDO Eco ® 2 leaf panel wall with the one external leaf made of reinforced concrete, and the middle leaf being a layer of insulation and internal structure to support dry wall panels. The predominate product for single family buildings.

MABUDO RAPID® complete structural solution comprise of:

  • MABUDO structural walls

    • MABUDO Robust® walls,

    • MABUDO Eco® walls,

  • Prefab ceilings- ’filigree reinforced concrete’/ steel/ wooden,

  • Lightweight division walls- steel/ timber frame with dry lining

  • Reinforced concrete prefab lift shafts, stair cores, stairs with landings, balconies


  • factory conditions for production will further reduce any deficiencies, thus reducing the cost and inconvenience of post construction snagging.

  • high performance in both thermal and acoustic insulation reduces energy costs and provides a better environment to live in.

  • low maintenance and lifecycle costs especially in adverse conditions e.g. coastal locations.

  • better quality - precision engineering using the best quality products will always give a better and more consistent quality. 

  • the structures are very strong and resilient against inclement weather fire etc.

Traditional home building process

  • Design and engineering
  • Permits and approvals
  • Onsite prep and foundation
  • Onsite building

Construction with   Zasób 1

  • Choose your home from MABUDO collection
  • Permits and approvals
  • Onsite prep and  foundation

    Offsite home production
  • Onsite home’s assembly

MABUDO Rapid ® system product components.

The main system product components are MABUDO WALLS.

We distinguish two types of walls:


Fully integrated 3 leaf panels with the two external leaves made of reinforced concrete, with the middle leaf being a layer of insulation. Replacing cavity walls in traditional build, it is the predominant product for apartments, hotels offices etc.


2 leaf panels with the one external leaf made of reinforced concrete, with the middle leaf being a layer of insulation and an internal structure to support dry wall panels. The predominate product for single family buildings.

  • - fully integrated structure + skin precast product
  • - offsite/ factory produced and assembled onsite
  • - load-bearing wall panels provide both structural support and eternal finish
  • - walls are manufactured in a variety of widths to meet design requirements. The thickness of the leaves will depend on specification requirements. Insulation can be specified in different thickness and products depending on application. 
Auxiliary MABUDO Rapid ® system product components:

CEILINGS’ options

- Reinforced concrete floor slab (also called filigree slab) is designed in reinforcement concrete and cast a 70mm thick concrete slab
- posi-joist type (reinforced concrete top, Z-shape steel element, timber support for drywall) flooring panels, ideal solution for single family buildings
- steel or wooden ceilings


Offsite produced lift shafts and stair cores in bespoke made moulds allows quick and efficient on-site installation.


MABUDO stairs and landings can be produced together or separately depending on the project requirement and are supplied with a high degree of dimensional accuracy and finish. We do use both steel and timber custom-made moulds. Stairs are produced together with landings, or separately, depending on the project requirement.


MABUDO offers a range of balcony types to suit every requirement, designed and manufactured in the manner to prevent thermal bridging.


MABUDO produces various profiles of beams and columns designed and manufactured to suit project requirements.


The MABUDO production process has a great deal of flexibility across all products and solutions can be found to meet most project requirements.


We produce prefabricated roof structures. Roof trusses are transferred by lorry to the site, then assembled in a short period of time compared to the traditional way. We apply this product in the single-family buildings, warehouses and farm buildings. MABUDO-made roofs are a modern offsite of ‘no waste carpentry’.

MABUDO cladding finishes

A wide range of traditional and innovative exterior finishes and colours applied during production at the factory are available. Well-informed of client requirements in different geographies, MABUDO continues to expand the range of claddings.

MABUDO RAPID® SYSTEM saves time, increases quality, builds safer and more sustainably.

For over 30 years we have been a pioneer in the production of buildings that have precision-finished elements, to be founds on the most demanding of European markets. Once we became a member of URBA Group, we gained the support of a team of architects from the URBA ARCHITECTS office. The team creates aesthetically distinctive, durable and modern constructions that meet the current challenges of energy efficiency, environmental requirements and functionality. 


From the beginning, the size of our construction workers team is a few times smaller than those involved in the traditional means. This is all thanks to the fact that the construction site "moves" to our production plant.


We ensure that the amount of waste up to the completion of construction is kept to an absolute minimum - saving timber, styrofoam, packaging, etc. of up to 80% is another measurable plus of the MABUDO Rapid® system.

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