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The Home of your dreams faster!
Get your safe dream home faster. Do not build it; instead, produce it with MABUDO. Just choose your perfect house from MABUDO homes’ collection and we will produce and assemble it for you on your site. What you get is a safe and energy-efficient home that

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Your house in 3 steps


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Just pick the home design you like from the MABUDO homes’ collection. It costs nothing.

Select your home and get in touch with one of our architects to validate the design with your plot development requirements. Once you are satisfied, you just buy the selected design from us and obtain the build permit decision. Your MABUDO architect will assist you along the process.

Get your house produced in MABUDO factory.

Got your build permit? Excellent news. It is time now to order the production. To sweeten this step, we will reimburse you with the Step 1 design purchase cost. From the moment the order is signed and the down payment is made, it will take us 2-4 months to produce your brand-new home. The cost of your home is fixed and will never change, unlike when it is built “traditionally”.

Your brand-new house assembled onsite

The home of your dreams is produced, its elements are now packed on lorries and being shipped to your site. Here our experienced MABUDO installation team needs 5 days to assemble the “rough state” and another 5 days to make it “watertight”. Thanks to your smart choice you have guaranteed yourself a safe rock-solid house; you have saved a lot of time and probably a lot of money. You can now spend it all with your chosen finishing company, taking advantage of one of our fitout projects that is included with the houses as part of a whole package. It’s good to be smart.

The house of your dreams
Trust our experience, trust MABUDO Rapid ® system for homes

In MABUDO’s early days we brought in procedures from Sweden for producing and assembling buildings that were made of reinforced concrete with integrated insulation. It was 30 years ago, and since then we have worked diligently to develop it, creating what we now call MABUDO RAPID® system.

Our dedication has resulted in thousands of successfully produced and assembled homes and buildings, and even more happy customers who often recommend us to their friends. We actually regard them as more than our customers; they are part of a big MABUDO family. 

Times have changed and our scale is now much larger, but we stay humble and still cater to individual buyers, while working alongside builders and developers.


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Save time with MABUDO

Traditional home building process

  • Design and engineering
  • Permits and approvals
  • Onsite prep and foundation
  • Onsite building

Construction with   Zasób 1

  • Choose your home from MABUDO collection
  • Permits and approvals
  • Onsite prep and  foundation

    Offsite home production
  • Onsite home’s assembly

MABUDO factory produces homes are:
- waterproof and fireproof
- resistant to heavy winds
- energy efficient
- fast in assembly
- reusable

Waterproof- with our waterproofing feature, water does no damage to the reinforced concrete, and walls that are flooded with water can be easily dried up and cleaned to be reused.
Fire resistant- with the use of reinforced concrete and inflammable mineral wool, as the insulation material, external walls provide fire resistance. 
Heavy winds resistant- our reinforced concrete external walls proven to sustain winds of 300 mph and higher speeds.
Energy efficient- MABUDO walls integrate insulation layer (made alternatively of mineral wool/ polystyrene/ PIR foam) with no air leakage and elimination of thermal bridging eliminated. In this way, high energy efficiency is achieved.
Reusable- within the constraints of the external walls the internal space can be rearranged by simply changing the division light walls layout at any time customer wants. Our heavy weight load bearing external walls allows the addition of an extra floor at any time in the future.
Fast in assembly- the typical home watertight structure can assemble onsite within 10 days. With the larger scale projects and well optimised design we are able to complete the single house assembly within 3 days.

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You do not need to know everything about building
- it’s enough that we know it!

  • 30 years of experience

  • Thousands of realizations in Poland and Europe

  • Reliability measured by years

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