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Discover MABUDO RAPID® - a modern fast track technology!

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Your house in 3 steps


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Download the free home concept from our offer

Select the free architectural concept of your home from the MABUDO catalogue. Verify if the house you have chosen can be built on your plot. Check in our information center how easy it can be done.

Wyprodukuj swój dom w fabryce MABUDO

Podpisz umowę na produkcję i montaż Twojego domu z MABUDO i przenieś budowę do naszej fabryki. Oszczędzasz czas, nie musisz martwić się o terminowość i jakość prac budowlanych i masz pewność stałych kosztów.

Ciesz się swoim nowym domem

Stan surowy zamknięty masz już w 2 tygodnie. Twój nowy dom ma bardzo solidne żelbetowe ściany ze zintegrowaną izolacją termiczną oraz mocny dach, a wszystko w najwyższej fabrycznej jakości. Teraz pozostają już prace wykończeniowe, na które masz średnio 50 % więcej czasu, niż przy tradycyjnej budowie.

A house of your dreams...
Be sure - we can work it out!

MABUDO Rapid® technology is the art of precise, flexible and modular creation of any structures, using simple and repetitive elements. Check what we can do for you - trust your imagination and the experience of our specialists. See our realizations to find out that it is worth entrusting us by the construction of your dream home.

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Mabudo saves time

Traditional house construction

  • Design and Engineering
  • Permits
  • Site prep and Foundation work
  • On-site construction

Construction with   Zasób 1

  • Design and Engineering
  • Permits and Approvals
  • Prace przygotowawcze i fundamentowe

    Factory construction
  • On-site construction

Application of MABUDO Rapid® in housing

While structures up to 10 stores can be build the Mabudo Rapid® is just as well suited to single family housing industry. The team of 5 within 5 days assembles one house, using a car-crane that is watertight within 2 weeks.

End user’s benefits:

Very low maintenance and lifecycle cost. Reduced heating cost due to the inherent thermal mass, acoustic separation is minimized due to the density of the walls and floors,

Investment costs are easily calculated. Your investment will have one designer and one contractor for all the construction elements. You will immediately get a ready estimate of the investment, and the amount given is also your final cost, which should not change. This is something very important in situations where prices on the building material market can fluctuate considerably.

Building faster and cleaner. Everything that will be your new building has been carefully designed and put together well before the first shovel has been driven. Therefore, from this moment until the end of construction, time will flow faster than by the more traditional competition.

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You do not need to know everything about building
- it’s enough that we know it!

  • 30 years of experience

  • Thousands of realizations in Poland and Europe

  • Reliability measured by years